An Autobiography by Allen B. Clark
“Allen’s story has the potential to touch many lives.  It is a message of struggle, perseverance, courage, and hope.”
- from the foreword by Ross Perot

“There are a host of heroes to whom this country owes a debt it can never repay.  Allen Clark lost both his legs while serving his country in Vietnam.  When he came home, his body was broken, but his spirit never faltered.  He went back to school.  He earned his masters degree in business administration.  He served his state in a high government post and is now a successful businessman.  He’s an inspiration to all who know him.”
- President Ronald Reagan
The White House
September 10, 1984

“Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior is an exceptional read – captivating, inspirational and educational.  Allen Clark is an American patriot who has lived the West Point values of Duty, Honor, and Country everyday.  From experiencing the rigors of combat during the War in Vietnam to becoming Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs, he did not allow physical disabilities to detract from his intent to care for others and serve his nation.  Allen provides a clear message- through strong values and faith in God, we can overcome adversity and be all we want to be.”
-Lieutenant General Robert F. Foley (USA-Ret.)
Medal of Honor Recipient, Vietnam
Director, Army Emergency Relief

“When I first met Allen Clark in the early 1970’s, I knew instantly this was a young man struggling to come to terms with his experiences, to make sense  of tragedy and the conflict of his country’s claim on his allegiance and the consequences of his patriotism.  His spirit touched me then, as this book does now.  He is an unusual American, and a pilgrim whose quest the reader will find poignant and illuminating.”
-Bill Moyers

“From my own experience, I know how much determination, courage, and faith it took for Allen Clark to travel his long journey back to life.  But, he has made it, and in telling his story he will help others make it, too.”
-Senator Bob Dole

"Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior by Allen Clark is an inspiration to all soldiers who are injured in the field, especially in the case of mortar attacks and IED bombs.  I enjoyed reading how he and other wounded soldiers managed to rehabilitate themselves with the help of the military and VA hospital systems, their faith in God, and their determination not to let their injuries destroy their lives.”
-Robin Moore, author of the Green Berets,
The French Connection, and The Hunt for Bin Laden

“All of us encounter challenging and potentially life-changing events at some time. 
Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior is proof that despite the cards we are dealt, each of us can persevere and overcome obstacles to lead a fulfilling, meaningful life.  Allen Clark’s autobiography inspires us all to see the possibilities and encourages us to make a difference.”
-Roger Staubach
Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback
Chairman and CEO of the Staubach Company

“Allen’s life story reflects rich experiences from his military service, his support of our veterans and his active political involvement.  He is a patriot who raised himself from a battlefield in Vietnam to dedicate his energy and passion for helping others.  It is a story full of encouragement and inspiration.
-United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison – Texas

“Allen’s story of quiet unpretentious heroism will introduce the reader to the sights and sounds and smells of an ugly part of history and the triumph of God’s grace through the meanest of circumstances.”
- Richard Halverson
Chaplain, U. S. Senate (1981-1995)

“Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior is a captivating recount of a combat veteran’s encounter with the enemy both on the battlefield and in life.  This honest, open and insightful account of Allen Clark’s life is a story everyone can relate to with their own challenges and struggles.  Allen’s faith journey is inspiring and a must read for all.”
-Scott O’Grady, former Capt. USAF
Author of New York Times Bestseller
Return with Honor

“I’ve known Allen Clark for many years!  His story is a must read for all who are interested in preserving the freedom we all enjoy in our great country.  You’ll also discover how to find true personal freedom.  Allen made that discovery one day as I was teaching the Word of God.  The message of Jesus Christ changed his life.  I’m honored to recommend this book!”
-Dr. Gene A. Getz
President, Center for Church Renewal
Pastor Emeritus, Fellowship Bible Church North
Dallas, Texas

“WOW!!!  What a sensational story of a heroic life and service for our dear country and our dear Lord Jesus.  There are few accounts today of such dramatic demonstration of the Lord’s power to not only save a life but to use that life for His glory.  Your book is bound to help so many who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as those returning from war, now.”
-Dr. Bobby Welch
President, Southern Baptist Convention (2004-2006)
Author of You The Warrior Leader
Former Green Beret, Purple-Heart Vietnam Veteran
Pastor emeritus First Baptist Church, Daytona, Florida

“A fascinating tale vividly told.  Allen Clark’s account of his two wars - one for America and one for himself – is intimately personal yet broadly applicable to the larger audience of mankind.  Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and its aftermath, the story traces Clark’s trajectory from professional soldier to shattered veteran to civic leader to active lay ministry.  He recounts his stark struggles to restore himself physically and emotionally, and unblushingly describes his inner spiritual pilgrimage.  Particularly pertinent reading for veterans present and future.”
-Lieutenant General (USA-Ret.) Dave R. Palmer
Author, George Washington and Benedict Arnold: A Tale of Two Patriots,
The River and the Rock: The History of Fortress West Point 1775-1783,
Summons of the Trumpet

“Two centuries ago, George Washington set forth his ideal for the perfect soldier, declaring: ‘To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.’  Allen Clark fulfills this standard, being both a distinguished Patriot and Christian.  As a patriot, in defense of freedom in Vietnam he lost both his legs.  As a Christian, his faith is the centerpiece of his life and a source of inspiration for millions of others.  Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior is the story of a Patriot and Christian and a must read for every American.”
- David Barton
Founder and President WallBuilders,

"I am proud to know Allen Clark.  He is one of those rare individuals who has not only faced death, but has learned from the experience as well.  That is enough, but that is not all.  The insights found in Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior are deeply felt and eloquently expressed.  They are insights which remind us that the pain that comes from loss, the joy of overcoming adversity, and the sweetness of success need not cause barriers to be erected between us and God.  I am always inspired and uplifted when I hear Allen’s story.  It is a pleasure to recommend this book.”
- Lewis R. Timberlake, CPAE
Professional Speaker
Co-Author: Born to Win; Author: It’s Always Too Soon to Quit

"Oh, God, I'm dead!" cried  Capt.  Allen Clark when a North Vietnamese mortar burst landed 18 inches behind his left leg, June 17, 1967. … From the pages of this remarkable memoir ... Wars in a sense never end, for victor or vanquished either one.   How  enriching to learn that  Vietnam, which broke so many hearts and lives, gave -- and gives -- a sort of  victory to one of the supposedly vanquished. Few "dead" men in our time have lived with so much vigor, so much capacity to inspire."
-Bill Murchison
Radford Distinguished Professor of Journalism
Baylor University
Author of forthcoming book on the crisis in the Episcopal Church of the USA

"Allen Clark’s story, Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior, is one of hope, help and healing.  It will move your heart and stir your soul.  Don’t miss his deeply personal and powerful insights into inner healing, spiritual growth and personal triumph."
- Dr. Jerry Falwell, Founder and Chancellor
Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

"For the more than forty years I have known him, Allen Clark has been a man of passion, courage, integrity and faith. All four of these qualities pulse through the experiences of his life. His honesty and authenticity as he tells his story is both heartwarming and challenging. It is today commonly agreed that one of the critical elements that develops people as leaders is hardship. Allen has had his share of hardship, more than most of us face in a lifetime, and it has helped to develop him into a man of strength, honor, humility and faith. We desperately need more men like him to help guide America through the challenges of the years ahead."
- Dr. Andrew B. Seidel COL, USAR (Ret)
Executive Director
Center for Christian Leadership
Dallas Theological Seminary

"The story behind Allen Clark’s journey from a casualty of the Vietnam War to a champion of the faith remains in my heart and mind as one of those all-time great reads. It is truly an enthralling account of the overcoming spirit Green Berets seemed to be endowed with as they go about their task of military service, and freeing the oppressed. Today, Allen is still freeing the ‘oppressed,’ but in a new and exciting way. Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior is not one of those books you will merely read and put on your shelf-it is one you will study time and time again for years to come."
-Chuck Dean, National Chaplain, Emeritus, 173d Airborne Brigade
Author of Nam Vet: Making Peace with Your Past; and Down Range: To Iraq and Back

"Allen Clark’s book is a powerful, moving account as he takes the reader on a most harrowing but ultimately triumphant ride. His early days of service as a dutiful West Point graduate are followed by a grievous wounding that left him without legs in a world that waits for no one. Cast into a pit of understandable depression, he refuses to quit, and his own unquenchable sprit ultimately lifts him back up and allows him to find his own triumph over tragedy.  His resilience and unquenchable spirit make up a powerful model for all, especially when he turns his efforts to the selfless cause of helping others in need.   Spiritually refreshing and boldly inspirational, I give this wonderful book my highest recommendation."
- Tom Carhart, Ph.D.
Author of Lost Triumph: Lee’s Real Plan at Gettysburg – and Why It Failed

"Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior is a compelling testimony of courage and redemption.  Allen Clark describes in riveting detail the battle in Vietnam where he was severely wounded and with uncompromising honesty his recovery from physical disability and emotional self-doubt.  Like most combat-wounded veterans, Clark’s post-war journey was not easy. But the Power of Faith enabled his understanding that true healing comes through the inner-peace that comes of understanding God’s forgiveness, love and grace. As a battle-tested veteran, I recommend Allen Clark’s story as vital reading for veterans and their families of any war who have experienced the crucible of combat and the spiritual challenges of coming to terms with their experiences."
- Al Santoli
Author, Everything We Had
President, Asia America Initiative

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